McCaskill Ranked Among Most Independent Senators – Nonpartisan Analysis

New Congressional Quarterly analysis shows McCaskill, who is consistently ranked in the moderate middle, is among the five most likely Senators of either party to break ranks and vote against her caucus

WASHINGTON – A new nonpartisan analysis names U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill as one of the most independent Senators—ranking her among the five most likely Senators of either party to break ranks and vote against her caucus.

The study by the news magazine Congressional Quarterly analyzes how often each Senator voted in 2017 in support of their caucus’s position on issues, as well as how often they voted in support of President Trump’s position on issues.

In addition to being ranked the 5th most independent Senator in either party in willingness to vote against her own caucus, McCaskill also ranks as the 5th most likely Democrat to vote in support of President Trump’s position on a given issue, taking the same position as the President 58% of the time.

“In more than 50 town halls around Missouri in the past year, I often said that my job isn’t to fight the President—my job is to fight for Missouri. And I mean it,” said McCaskill, who has consistently been ranked among the most independent and most moderate Senators. “I haven’t always made folks on my side of the aisle happy, but that’s okay. Because the only yardstick I use to measure a policy is whether it’s right for Missouri.”

McCaskill was recently one of only a few Senate Democrats to vote against the government shutdown. She has supported 65% of President Trump’s executive and judicial nominees—including all of his Homeland Security nominees—and President Trump has signed into law 19 bills that McCaskill either sponsored, cosponsored, or took an active role in shaping. And McCaskill has teamed up with Republican colleagues on several high-profile investigations, including Susan Collins of Maine examining prescription drug costs, and Rob Portman of Ohio combating sex trafficking.

McCaskill in 2014 was one of just a few Democrats to vote against Harry Reid as Senate Minority Leader, and more recently, opposed President Obama’s “Waters of the U.S.” rule. Throughout her time in the Senate, she also has been criticized by some in her party over her bipartisan work to cut wasteful spending and abolish an unnecessary federal agency, and her longstanding and successful battle against Congressional earmarks.

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