McCaskill gets senate to bring contempt charges against Backpage

By:  Mandy Murphey

(KTVI) – The fight to end sex trafficking intensifies as a Missouri senator takes the lead in the crackdown. Claire McCaskill is leading the senate in a rare move to hold a company in contempt of congress because lawmakers are not getting the answers they are looking for.

Senator McCaskill thinks that companies like are part of the problem. So she is now forcing the issue with the full power of the U.S. government.

McCaskill and republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio want answers. They think come companies like this allow advertisements for illegal activity and possibly even help edit the ads for customers to make sure no red flags are raised by investigators.

The senate has now issued contempt charges against Backpage for refusing to testify. That's the first time they have done that in 21 years.

The attorney for Backpage claims that the senate is trying to wage an attack on the company's Freedom of Speech rights, and they look forward to arguing that in front of the court.

Many times the money from sex trafficking is also tied to the drug trade.

McCaskill says that cracking down on the sex trade could have an impact on many others types of organized crime.