Student Resource Center

As a U.S. Senator - as well as a mother and grandmother - Claire is honored to have the opportunity to assist young Missourians with educational and service opportunities.



Senate internships are a wonderful means of learning the inner workings of the federal government and the legislative process. While internships are unpaid, students gain a wealth of skills and knowledge working in the United States Senate. Internships are available in all five of Claire's Missouri offices and in her Washington, D.C. office.


Academy Nominations

Claire has the privilege of nominating a select group of Missouri high school students each year for appointment to the U.S. service academies (Army, Navy, Air Force and Merchant Marine).

financial aid 3

Financial Aid

Claire’s office provides useful tools and guides for students navigating the process of locating and applying for financial aid.

page program

Senate Page Program

The Senate Page Program is an exceptional opportunity for high school juniors to learn about government. Page duties generally consist of delivery of correspondence and legislative materials on Capitol Hill. Other responsibilities include preparing the chamber for Senate sessions and carrying bills and amendments to the desk.

youth program

Senate Youth Program

The Senate Youth Program is a unique educational experience for outstanding high school students interested in careers in public service. Two student leaders from each state will spend a week in Washington experiencing their national government in action.