• Help for Missourians

    Help for Missourians

    As a U.S. Senator, one of Claire's most important responsibilities is to help Missouri constituents interact with the many agencies and offices of the federal government.

  • Veterans Customer Satisfaction Program

    Veterans Customer Satisfaction Program

    Claire’s Veterans Customer Satisfaction Program allows Missouri veterans to complete a confidential survey about their experiences at Missouri VA facilities. Armed with direct feedback from veterans, Claire’s office partners with veterans service organizations and the VA to compile a report detailing survey findings and recommendations for improvement at Missouri’s VA medical centers.

  • Grants and Federal Domestic Assistance

    Grants and Federal Domestic Assistance

    Claire and her staff stand ready to provide guidance and key resources to help eligible grantseekers find information on federal grants, loans, and nonfinancial assistance, as well as private funding.

  • Student Resource Center

    Student Resource Center

    As a U.S. Senator - as well as a mother and grandmother - Claire is honored to have the opportunity to assist young Missourians with educational and service opportunities.

  • State Government Resources

    State Government Resources

    As a former Missouri state legislator and State Auditor, Claire has compiled a guide to help Missourians navigate resources available in Missouri's state government. 

  • Federal Business Opportunities

    Federal Business Opportunities

    Claire understands the importance of equipping Missouri's small businesses with the tools they need to do business with the Federal Government. Her office can provide local businesses with the necessary informaton to better compete, expand, and create more jobs across the state.

  • Flag Requests

    Flag Requests

    Whether given as a gift or kept as a reminder of a trip to Washington D.C, a U.S. flag that has flown over the U.S. Capitol is a tangible symbol of the freedoms and liberties embodied in our Constitution. Claire's staff are happy to assist Missourians in obtaining a Capitol flag.

  • Visiting D.C.

    Visiting D.C.

    Packed with museums, history, and monuments, visiting Washington, D.C is an important part of understanding our country’s past, and who Americans are as a people.

  • Special Recognitions

    Special Recognitions

    Claire is happy for the opportunity to send a letter of congratulations to any Missourian celebrating a special occasion or outstanding achievement.