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As a U.S. Senator, one of Claire's most important responsibilities is to help Missouri constituents interact with the many agencies and offices of the federal government. She is committed to helping Missourians resolve problems with Social Security, Medicare, immigration, military service, veteran's benefits, federal worker compensation claims, tax matters and the IRS, passport assistance, grants, small business concerns, and many other important federal issues. By law, Claire's office is required to have a written request before any action can be taken on your behalf.

The provisions of Public Law 93-579 (Privacy Act of 1974) prohibit the disclosure of information of a personal nature from the files of an individual without their consent. Accordingly, you must authorize the staff of Senator Claire McCaskill to access any and all of your records that relate to your problem via a Privacy Release Form

If your case involves medical or health care information, Claire's office may ask you to complete an additional release specifically authorizing access to medical information necessary to resolve your case. Please complete the appropriate form and include it with your submitted request.

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