About Missouri

Missouri's history is rich with stories about exploration, innovation and leadership, as well as battles and conflict. As a result of the opportunities and challenges endured by Missourians throughout time, they continue to achieve and persevere into the future, offering a special character to our country. The commonsense-driven, hard-working and independent people of Missouri have always been fairly skeptical, earning the "Show-Me" state motto. It's also earned the state the infamous title of being a political bellwether for the country, which led their voters to select the winning U.S. president for the last 100 years with only three exceptions.

Missouri has long played a central role in national politics and served as a harbinger of changes in the political landscape. From Kansas City to St. Louis, Springfield to Hannibal, and all the places in between, the communities of Missouri represent the diversity of the entire nation economically, demographically and politically.

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State Seal Seal
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White Hawthorne Blossom
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Eastern Bluebird