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McCaskill Carries Violence Against Women Act Effort Into New Congress

After Senate bill languishes for nearly a year in U.S. House, Senator renews push for life-saving legislation

January 28, 2013

WASHINGTON - After nine months of delay by the U.S. House of Representatives on renewing a comprehensive Violence Against Women Act, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill is again supporting legislation reauthorizing the law's crucial protections for Missouri women and families.

"Nine minutes is too long to wait for these life-saving protections to get reauthorized-nine months is an embarrassment, when we've seen only bipartisan support for these protections over the past two decades," said McCaskill, a former Jackson County Prosecutor. "The Violence Against Women Act saves lives, which is why it's always had broad bipartisan appeal. I'm hopeful that we can find that kind of consensus in this new Congress."

The original Violence Against Women Act passed in 1994 with strong bipartisan support in both the House and Senate. Support for the legislation's renewal in 2000 was passed with a 95-0 vote in the Senate, and a 371-1 vote in the House. An even stronger consensus emerged in 2005, with unanimous approval in the Senate, and a 415-4 vote in the House.

Last year, McCaskill was joined by every Democratic woman in the U.S. Senate as they signed a letter sent to all the women in the U.S. House, encouraging them to pass the languishing VAWA reauthorization.



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