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  • Expanding Job & Business Opportunities

    Believing that the ability of Missourians to find good-paying jobs is the key to economic success for the state, Claire has made private sector job growth and better business opportunities a top priority in the Senate. She helped win approval of the first boost in the federal minimum wage in more than a decade, passed critical investments in infrastructure and targeted tax cuts, and strongly supported job-creating projects from road and bridge construction to the Keystone XL Pipeline. And Claire has successfully shielded Missouri's businesses from unreasonable federal regulations. In recognition of her efforts to support job-creation, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce honored Claire with their annual "Spirit of Enterprise" award.

  • Cutting Wasteful Spending

    Claire views the national debt as a danger to America's future and the opportunities that will be afforded to our kids and grandkids, and has bucked her own party to rein in federal spending. If annual budget deficits are left unchecked, she believes they will weaken the economy and lead to undue influence by foreign creditors.Understanding that the best way to rein in deficits is to foster stronger economic activity, Claire has used her skills as Missouri's former State Auditor to uncover and eliminate wasteful federal spending, establish a ban on Congressional earmarks, and support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution - while supporting policies to boost private sector job creation, and protect vital safety net programs for Missouri families.

  • Protecting Consumers

    Leading the Senate's panel on Consumer Protection, Claire has lifted the voices and stories of her Missouri constituents to force predatory companies and scam artists to answer for their fraudulent practices, and to enact policies to better protect families and consumers across the country. Claire has drawn upon tips and firsthand stories to launch Senate investigations aimed at schemes involving reverse mortgages, credit card companies, inaccuracies on credit reports, fraudulent robocalls, and scam artists known as "patent trolls" that threaten Missouri job and business opportunities.

  • Delivering for Veterans

    As the daughter of a World War II veteran, Claire believes America has a moral responsibility to keep its promises to those who have sacrificed to protect our country. While much remains to be done to ensure that all those who have served receive the benefits and care they have earned, since arriving in Washington, D.C. Claire has championed a number of measures to improve quality of life for America's military heroes.

  • Educating Young Missourians

    As a product of the Missouri public school system and graduate of the University of Missouri - Columbia, Claire is committed to fighting for Missouri's schools. She understands a strong educational system is necessary to keep Missouri's economy healthy and competitive. Claire is passionate about providing our public schools the resources they need and ensuring higher education is affordable for all Missourians.

  • Strengthening Accountability

    After eight years in office as Missouri's State Auditor, Claire came to the Senate with extensive experience targeting government waste and mismanagement and an eye to root out waste, fraud and abuse at the federal level. Since her arrival in 2007, Claire has worked to bring Harry Truman's no-nonsense style of government back to Washington, D.C. and root out unnecessary spending. She has taken on irresponsible Congressional earmarking practices, war profiteering and waste in federal contracting.

  • Fixing America's Immigration System

    With more than 11 million undocumented immigrants already residing within the U.S. and more attempting to cross our borders each year, it's clear our current immigration system is badly broken and the status quo is unacceptable. America is a nation founded by immigrants, but it's also a nation founded upon the rule of law, and Claire believes it is imperative that we respect both of these traditions. Claire supports legal immigration. She opposes measures that reward undocumented immigrants for their unlawful behavior. She opposes granting unconditional amnesty to undocumented immigrants or allowing undocumented immigrants to receive federal assistance.

  • Bolstering Energy Security

    Claire believes that Missouri has the potential to be on the forefront of emerging energy sources and technology, and that such developments would lead to better jobs and business opportunities for the state. She has demonstrated her independence, promoting an all-of-the-above energy approach, and supporting projects such as cutting-edge Missouri - made small modular nuclear reactors, the Keystone XL and Flanagan oil pipelines, and renewable energies such as wind and solar. Claire supports efforts to curb the effects of climate change - which she recognizes as a real and growing threat to Missourians' health - but has opposed proposals that would unfairly punish consumers in coal-reliant states like Missouri.

  • Protecting Rural Missouri

    America's agricultural and food supply is a vital part of our economic productivity and growth. From corn and wheat to dairy and pork, Missouri is a leading producer of a diverse range of agricultural goods.

    Claire is a lifelong Missourian whose family worked at a feed mill, so she understands that agriculture is more than a primary driver of Missouri's economy; it is a part of the state's cultural fabric.

    Since being elected to the Senate, Claire has sought to advance the interests of Missouri farmers and farm communities by advocating for common-sense food safety measures, competitive agricultural markets and investments in the research and development of biofuel technology.

  • Strengthening National Security

    As a member of both the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee (HSGAC), Claire believes in a cohesive and thoughtful approach to the security of our nation and supporting the mission of our men and women in uniform. Now more than ever, Claire believes American leadership in the world is critical to helping ensure peace, democracy and human rights. This is particularly true in the face of complex challenges in fighting terrorism and transnational threats, ensuring success in Iraq and Afghanistan and crafting a strong, forward-leaning foreign policy.

  • Improving Healthcare

    Claire joined the Senate with a pledge to Missouri's families to finally tackle the country's broken health care system-a system that was contributing to budget-busting deficits, leaving millions of Americans without access to quality care, and subjecting millions more to the abusive practices of big insurance companies. In the years since, Claire made good on that promise. She voted to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to offer coverage to more Missouri kids. She helped to pass sweeping health care reform that is already working to protect families from insurance industry abuses, slow the growth of health care costs, and expand coverage to millions of Americans. She has worked to increase transparency in medical pricing, believing that doing so can unleash the power of consumers to help control costs. And Claire has established herself as a leader in the fight to protect Medicare-opposing attempts to privatize the program and transform it into a voucher system, while using her oversight work to successfully target waste, fraud, and abuse that endanger the program's benefits to seniors.